We went from managing Fashion Week... to giving away their items as Blessings.

From clothing, accessories, gifts such as jewelry, perfume, bath & self care, food & more. We give items away as blessings to those that could use it - Directly from Gods Kingdom.

  • How do we receive our items?

    We have worked in the marketing industry since 2005. Over the last 15 years, we have built relationships with brands, vendors, stores, etc. that are willing to give or donate to Heaven is Real Foundation in favor of the Lord & his kingdom.

  • How do we select who receives our items?

    We accept referrals as well as actual applications from the person, parent or guardian. From there, each application is personally read by our team and transferred to various categories depending on its urgency, need, situation, etc. We then work with our brands and vendors to search for items that would sure be a blessing to the applicant! We personally take our time & if selected, your gift was personalized for you from the Kingdom!

  • We will never ask you to return our blessings.

    These are blessings from the community to you. You will never have to return your item. If you do not want your item, do not like it, etc. there is no returns, however, feel free to make it a blessing for someone else.

  • What could your blessing be?

    Well, just about anything! We have worked in the marketing industry for the last 15 years, as well as the fashion industry for the last 7. Therefore, your item could be from a designer, a clothing item, an accessory, jewelry, etc. Our gifts are in the following categories: MEN, WOMAN, ACCESSORIES, BEAUTY, HEALTH, FOOD, COSMETICS, SELF CARE, HOME, ELECTRONICS

  • Would you like to help support us?

    Feel free to support our cause by either donating physical items, providing a donation or volunterring with us! Our goal is to provide as many blessings worldwide from our heavenly fathers kingdom. We thank you for the support.